The Scottish Government is committed to investing £140m on strategic transport improvements as part of this City Region deal.

This specifically includes up to £120 million to support improvements to the A720 City Bypass for the grade separation of Sheriffhall Roundabout and £20 million investment to support public transport infrastructure improvements identified by the West Edinburgh Transport Appraisal.


West edinburgh

The vision for West Edinburgh, as identified by Scottish Government’s National Planning Policy (NFP3), can only be delivered through the investment in a strategic package of transportation improvements.

These improvements include a core package of A8/A89 sustainable transportation measures that provide long term resilience and support strong connectivity between neighbouring authorities, and importantly enable the supply of the increased labour supply demands required, to deliver the full economic potential of West Edinburgh.

Current Status: The project proposition is at the feasibility study stage.


a720 (sheriffhall roundabout)

Transport Scotland will manage and deliver the upgrade of Sheriffhall Roundabout. The preferred option is a grade separated junction which separates local traffic from the strategic traffic on the A720 (city bypass) and when complete will allow the traffic on the bypass to flow freely, improving road safety and journey times for all road users, bringing improved economic benefits and inclusion across Edinburgh and South-East Scotland. It will improve accessibility for all modes of transport including walking and cycling.

Current Status: