The Edinburgh and South-East Scotland City Region comprises six local authorities. 24% of the Scottish population live in this part of Scotland.

Map of Scotland highlighting the City and South East regions


What is a City Region Deal?

A City Region Deal is a mechanism for accelerating growth by pulling in significant government investment. By investing this funding in innovation, skills and infrastructure, performance will be significantly improved, and we will tackle inequality and deprivation.

The six local authorities that make up the Edinburgh and South East Scotland City region, together with regional universities, colleges and the private sector signed a City Region Deal with the UK and Scottish Governments, with a value of over £1.3 billion. The City Region Deal will drive productivity and growth while reducing inequalities and deprivation.


There are five main themes in the City Region Deal, and the total amount of capital investment (made up of Government and partner funding are summarised below):

  • Research, Development and Innovation: £751 million

  • Integrated Regional Employability and Skills: £25 million

  • Transport: £156 million

  • Culture: £45 million

  • Housing: £313 million

There is more information on the projects within these themes in the Deal Document.

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