The Edinburgh and South-East Scotland City Region comprises six local authorities. 24% of the Scottish population live in this part of Scotland.
Map of Scotland highlighting the City and South East regions


What is a City Region Deal?

The six local authorities that make up the Edinburgh and South East Scotland City region are working collectively on a bid to the UK and Scottish Governments for a City Region Deal.

The City Region Deal is a mechanism for accelerating growth by pulling in significant government investment. By investing this funding in infrastructure, skills and innovation our economic performance will be significantly improved, which will not only generate funds to pay back this initial investment but also draw in significant additional funding from the private sector. It is also about greater autonomy and decision making powers for the region to help us deliver public services more effectively and to tackle inequality and deprivation. Our ambition is to secure £1bn of funding and it is estimated that an additional £3.2bn worth of private sector investment could be leveraged if the bid is successful.

Join Us

By supporting our vision you will help us accelerate the growth of our region’s economy while tackling inequality and deprivation. We will keep you updated with our progress.

For any detailed comments please email the City Region Deal team at